About Us

SpectrumSpeedTest was created to provide customers of Spectrum Internet a simple and easy-to-use speed test tool. Our goal is to give Spectrum customers clarity and transparency about the actual performance of their internet connection.

We launched the mission to empower internet users with information. Too often people are left in the dark about whether their connection is performing as it should. With SpectrumSpeedTest, you have a easy way to test download and upload speeds with just a few clicks.

The speed test features we provide:

Fast, accurate tests that take just seconds to complete. No waiting around for slow load times.

Breakdown of download and upload speeds so you can check both are meeting expectations.

Server selection so you test against a nearby Speedtest server for the most accurate results.

Ability to share results or save to your device so you have a record of past performance.

Simple, clean interface focused on the essential speed test information. No distractions from extra features.

Behind the scenes, our speed test is powered by the trusted Ookla Speedtest API to ensure test accuracy. All data is securely handled and anonymous so we never collect any personal information.

Our team of internet enthusiasts is dedicated to continually improving SpectrumSpeedTest. We welcome any feedback to help us enhance the experience. If you find any issues, please let us know so we can resolve them promptly.

We hope you find SpectrumSpeedTest a useful tool. Please spread the word and feel empowered to test your connection whenever needed. Together we can help build a better internet.